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Meet Our Ambassadors!

Our team of ambassadors is from different nations around the world! Undoubtedly, something distinguishes each of them is the ATTITUDE, PASSION and their  own personal touch as they transmit their knowledge and experince in  their different fields. 

Foto Evelien.jpg

Evelien Moriau

Evelien is a girl who has lived already in 4 different countries and speaks 4 different languages. She was born and raised right in the heart of Belgium, in a city just 10 minutes from the capital Brussels. At the moment she is working for Accenture and developing a sustainable personal project called Llevátelo! to fight world´s hunger. 

Having been a Scouts leader for 6 years and a babysitter for 4, it is clear that she just loves to play with children and will have as much fun as they do while learning together! 

David España.jfif



David is a very active guy born and raised in Barcelona, Spain. He has a lot of experience working as an English teacher and also teaching table tennis to kids. His passion is traveling and practicing sports, he also really enjoys talking with people and exchanging experiences and opinions.

He is very looking forward to explaining more about Spain, it's traditions, culture, food, and mainly sports like soccer (he is a big Barça fan), scuba diving, tennis and also about his last trip to Indonesia where he started a farm! 

katya Mexico.jpg

Katya Castillo 

Katya is a Mexican who just finished her MBA in Barcelona. She loves her country as much as traveling around the world and always carries her Mexican flag everywhere she goes!

Her life path has  lead her through the 3 things she loves the most:


Being an Au pair and cultural developer in Washington DC, a kids summer camp entrepreneur manager, a worker at the  Mexican Mint, an English teacher in Barcelona and in Universidad Autónoma de San Luis Potosí. Katya is Kultours founder and is really excited to share with you her love and passion for México and her adventures around the world!




Dr. Tessa Waldhart is from a beautiful city in northern Italy called Bolzano. She is a general dentist who got her degree at the Medical Universtiy of Vienna.        She just finished her business master in Barcelona. At the moment she is working as Creative Officer and Project Manager for Humble Smile Fundation, an NGO which helps children in vulnerable areas around the world to obtain a happy and health smile. She is passionate about the promotion of Oral health and with everything related to sustainable projects. Also she has a little independet comic label called "The Sketchup Club!" where she creates children drawings for grown ups!

Adam Texas.jfif

Adam Saucedo

Adam is a teacher in Dallas, and has lived in Texas his entire life. Adam enjoys playing football (aka soccer), cooking, and traveling. As a science and social studies teacher in Dallas he has worked with kids and teens throughout his professional career. Adams loves Barcelona and his favorite football player is Lionel Messi!

His favorite holiday is Thanksgiving an American Holiday you will hear about in his seminar. Adam is excited to join us as a host as he leads experienced English language learners virtually through the history and current Texas culture.

Foto Cami, embajador Colombia.jpg



Bandera de  Colombia.png

Camila is an enthusiastic woman who has lived in 3 countries and six cities. Colombia(Bogotá),Spain (Madrid&Barcelona) and France (Valence, Toulouse and Paris).

She loves her country very much! 
Camila wants to show you the authentic Colombia, it’s warm and happypeople, music, coffee, food,  nature, landscapes, dances,culture and traditions  

She has worked in ONG's as extracurricular coach, where she taught Maths to kids in a low income position.
She was part of a summer camp staff for 2 years and led groups of kids with her unique enthusiasm. 

She works in an important consulting firm in Barcelona with people from all around the world. She speaks Spanish, English and French and connects easily with people! Come to have fun and learn with her all about  the country of magic realism!

foto Mathilde (France Ambassador).jpg



bandera france.png

Mathilde is a French girl from Lyon, France. Dynamic and adventurous by nature, her desire to travel the world and to get to know new cultures has lead her to travel from a very young age. At the age of 16, she lived her first international experience in Liverpool, England with her "soul family". The adventure then continued in Murcia, Spain on a one-year Erasmus exchange before flying to Dublin, Ireland where she worked for a year in HR. She has now been living in Barcelona for 2 years and working at Accenture surrounded by fellow workers from all over the world!  Mathilde is convinced that cultural diversity is an indispensable asset for personal development.
While in France, Mathilde taught English and Spanish to children  and looks forward to using this pedagogy with you

Annie Dibildox.jpg

Annie Dibildox

Annie is a lively girl living in San Luis Potosí, Mexico, where she was born and raised. She LOVES plants and animals, just as much as she loves teaching! Being from two different cultural backgrounds herself (Mexican father / American mother), she believes that instilling appreciation for cultural diversity from an early age will lead to a much better world. She has been an English teacher for 8 years, mostly focusing on Business English, and is also a simultaneous interpreter. She loves interior design, hot weather, traveling, and dancing, especially at Mexican weddings!

zarak irland.jpg



Zarak was raised in Northern Ireland, is a chiropractor student who is currently living in Barcelona and also traveling arround Europe inside of an international  trainning program.  

He has a degree in sports coaching, this means he has a lot of experience working with kids, teens and adults mainly in a sports setting but Zarak is excited to teach something online for a change. With his incredible energy and always possitive attitude Zarak is going to show you that there is more to Ireland than just potatoes, San Patricks and his favourite drink, Guinness!


Yuri Kamisnki 


Yuri is an engineer who works with digital marketing and data. Yuri is also a passionate traveller and has lived in 5 countries (Brazil, France, Argentina, Mexico and Spain). Besides travelling and making digital campaigns for his clients, Yuri loves the sea and practices Windsurf and Kitesurf. Now living in Fortaleza, a wind paradise for this kind of sports located in the Northeast of Brazil, Yuri invites you to discover how diverse is the Brazilian culture: Brazil is a country with many other countries inside, not only in size but with “dialects”, food , music and lifestyles.




Bella is an Australian girl living in Spain doing a chiropractic degree. She grew up in Australia and is writing a book and children’s film based on the ancient stories of the Australian Aboriginals. She would love to reach more young people and teach them about how to care for the land and show that Australia isn’t just all scary spiders and snakes.



Aye Len


Camila is a passionate and friendly teacher from Argentina, Buenos Aires living in Barcelona. She received her teaching degree from Universidad Nacional de la Plata in 2008 and since then has been teaching children, teenagers and adults from all different backgrounds. 

She loves traveling and learning all about different cultures.

Her favorite hobby is playing football. She has practice it her entire life and dreams of meeting Leo Messi!

Through her dynamic, motivating and funny sessions, Camila is longing to show you everything about Argentina.

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