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About Our Workshops

Meet our International Ambassadors and travel with them around the world while learning about their culture in a dynamic and fun way allowing you to learn, interact, build international relationships, and


in real time with virtual travelers of your age !

About us

Kult@urs was born in a moment of history that will never be forgotten.

The entire planet has stopped! But our dreams have not!

While all this is going on we want to give you and your children the opportunity to go on an adventure! Take advantage of this time to develop new skills, practice your English, and continue traveling while having the time to interact with other cultures from home!

Our online workshops taught by ambassadors from all over the world, will allow your children to virtually travel as they interact with children and teenagers living in other countries. Our ambassadors have devoted a life time to develop and create that spark and curiosity to discover, and explore.

We will go on a virtual adventure and discover new cultures while your children interact and learn with peers their age. 



Let’s build relationships with each other so that when we step out into the world we have a stronger connection to our peers.

When all this is over we will go out together to explore the world again!  

We will continue creating unforgettable, constructive and dynamic experiences that leave their mark on us! 

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